Look, Moms, we're morning people!

Look, Moms, we're morning people!

Bonnie (left) and I (Kathryn, right) are self-aware non-morning-people but have also both "always wanted to be" morning people. This may have something to do with why our regular QPP meetings have had an early (okay, 8 o'clock) start. Now, some of you may be chortling at 8 o'clock being early. We get that. Many of you are probably more seasoned morning people. We're just getting started and I for one am hoping to somehow balance a fledgling "early bird" status with my strong "night owl" foundation.


Our LGBTQ History Month Roll Call is three weeks deep on Facebook, we are in contract negotiations with two new clients about event planning and we're getting all of our ducks in a row to make announcements about next year's Queer Pride Parade on Whidbey as well as some new evolutions surrounding the parade! We're sending out our first newsletter any minute now (have you subscribed?) which outlines a CONTEST TO WIN A T-SHIRT and spotlights THIS blog post. (INCEPTION!)

Fun Facts: This week, Bonnie was featured on Writing Walking Women's blog and Kathryn quit her job to focus on QPP and Freelancing! 

Until next time... #QueeritUp