Something amazing happened yesterday. Was that yesterday? We can't tell anymore, the days are growing shorter and there is a lot to keep up with in the Queer Parade world! (We'll get to that in a minute, back to the story...) We learned that October is LGBT History Month from our dear friend Doug Vitaly Návažná, and we've decided to join the fun. 

Everyday, we're posting an icon from LGBTQ History on Facebook (and Instagram) and we're also taking submissions. Who do you want to see as part of our LGBTQ+ History Month Role Call?

But wait... there's more!

We—Bonnie & Kathryn—are already at work planning next year's parade and some major evolutions are on the horizon, so STAY TUNED. For now, make sure you're signed up for our newsletter to receive exclusive content and QPP news. We're so glad to have you with us!