First Annual Queer Pride Parade on Whidbey, August 2014 - Photo by David Welton

First Annual Queer Pride Parade on Whidbey, August 2014 - Photo by David Welton


This year, we honor Bristol Branson - Owner of 2nd Street Hair Boutique, Rebecca Cleary, and Allen Faith-Feyma as inspiring members of the LGBTQ community here on Whidbey. They will ride in a special Royal Family float at the end of the Parade, sponsored by Midway Florist.


"She has created a business in downtown Langley that not only creates community, but empowers people to look on the outside the way they feel on the inside."



"Rebecca is an incredible supporter of all those she comes in contact with. Her vibrancy and love of this community make it a safe and glorious place to be."



"Allen has been a vocal advocate for gender and sexuality issues at their high school, and is declaring their a-gendered / genderfluid expression in bold and beautiful ways."

uniting the LGBTQ+
& Allied Community on Whidbey Island!

ENJOY a Majestically Gay Weekend Getaway and CELEBRATE WITH US!

The First Annual Queer Pride Parade saw nearly 200 participants, and an estimated 1000 attendees in Langley, WA on Sunday, August 10, 2014.

In a historic event for Whidbey Island, the Queer Pride Parade was welcomed with joyful celebration and excitement by all who experienced it.

This year, on Sunday, August 2nd, 2015 @ 2pm, we expect to see an increase of both participants and attendees to this magical celebration of individuality, equality, and community on Whidbey Island, from Oak Harbor to Clinton!

Registration to participate is FREE and open to the public on the day of the parade! All participants are required to read the Guidelines & Information found in our PARTICIPATION department, where pre-registration is available (but not required).

For information on getting to Langley on Whidbey Island, VISIT US

2015 Grand marshal
Charlie Murphy

We are so honored to announce Charlie Murphy, our 2015 Grand Marshal!

Through Charlie's international work with PYE Global and his extraordinary musical talent, Charlie's determination to change the world has done just that: changed the world.

Charlie's example of kindness and creativity, in his work and also in relationship with his beloved husband Eric Mulholland, is one we aspire to. Our community has benefitted deeply from Charlie's presence in our lives, and we are so thrilled to honor him in this year's parade.

Many of you know that Charlie was diagnosed with ALS not long ago. They are crowd-funding to support ongoing health treatments, raise awareness of ALS, and hopefully halt or reverse it.

If you are able, please consider contributing to Charlie's Healing Fund here:

2015 Artist, Catherine Matthews

Catherine Matthews feels most supported and free to by freaky in the queer community. In her spare time, she eats bananas and documents the intricate inter communication patterns of dust bunny colonies.